ABOUT QARA            

Established in 2010, QARA Consulting, LLC. is an Afghanistan-based firm serving private and public sector organizations.

We offer the assessments, advise, implementation support, strategy and training services that drive critical decision-making, achieve mandate milestones, and solve pressing problems.

Our market access and viable professional networks, responsive management and standard working environment allow us to excel across industries and geographies.


Institutionalizing research driven innovation and professionalism in Afghanistan’s public and private sectors, while becoming the leading technical services firm in the country and the region.


QARA’s mission is to enable our clients to make informed decisions, create impactful initiatives, elevate their market performance and reach their audiences and goals optimally. We are a firm that attracts, invests in, engages and retains exceptional and relevant talent.


We are a responsible business, and pioneers in the Afghan market in instituting and enforcing internal anti-sexual harassment, ethical business, and conflict of interest policies. Our firm is always driven by values of:

  • Absolute integrity in business development, and performance.
  • Client satisfaction and assignments success. Positive market reputation is part profit.
  • Professionalism, with regard for tradition without compromising quality or integrity.
  • Non-disclosure, sensitivity in handling client information and communications. We do not market our work—our client’s success is our marketing tool.
  • Financial Responsibility . We believe in cost-effectiveness, and have institutionalized a culture of spending resources (ours and the client’s) with care, conducting internal audits after project closure. At least twice in our market presence, we have gone to lengths returning client funds that were saved because of the cost-effectiveness of our conduct.