We have served clients ranging from iNGOs such as the World Bank, DFID, and United Nations Development Program funded initiatives, to a Fortune 500 company, as well as institutions such the Ministry of Commerce, Office of the National Security Council, Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative, The Asia Foundation, Columbia University, London School of Economics and Politics Enterprise, Ministry of Women Affairs, and the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock.

Project: Private Sector Consultation and Redrafting of the Competition Law of Afghanistan. Client: Harakat-Afghanistan Investment Climate Facility Organization (AICFO) and The Ministry of Commerce, Government of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

“…The firm contributed greatly on content matters of the law, logistics and organizational management of the event, and demonstrated inspirational out-of-the box thinking. The QARA thought-through plan and implementation made the event a success and a productive endeavor for all stakeholders involved. Always positive and on schedule, the QARA team is an asset to the consultancy environment of Afghanistan, demonstrating work at the level of best international practices. We recommend them without any reservations, as dedicated professionals and intellectuals. QARA Consulting excels through a multi-disciplinary team of highly professional experts. It has retained talents in a variety of fields, enabling the work to be completed in all aspects - from the basic logistics to the most challenging consultancy input and expert advice. The QARA team is always responsive, available to cater to the client’s needs around the clock, and manages tight deadlines, while being detail - and quality oriented. It is rare to find such dedication and excellence in a pervasive and challenging environment such as that of Afghanistan.”

Mr. Chance Zillinga,
Head of Finance and Procurement Harakat-Afghanistan Investment Climate Facility Organization (AICFO)

Project: Public Outreach Capacity Development in Khas-Kunar District Client: Afghanistan Stabilization Initiatives- East, Office of Transition Initiatives/USAID October 2010-January 2011

“ Qara Consulting Inc. provided high quality service on the Public Outreach in Khas Kunar project for ASI-East. Qara’s engagement included a thorough and insightful analysis of the existing situation and mechanism of communication and outreach in Khas Kunar District Government Office (DGO) and subsequent capacity development specifically tailored to address the identified gaps in a context-appropriate manner. The capacity gap assessment and the training was accompanied by well written structured reports that provided invaluable insight into the state of affairs of the DGO and its communication practices, and a sound analysis revealing institutional deficiencies to be addressed. Overall, ASI-East experience with Qara was highly positive and the cooperation associated with high quality products, excellent writing and sound analysis. Exceptionally high quality of writing and analysis…Thoughtful and innovative, yet realistic approach to soft activities (e.g., capacity building, training, outreach)…Unique ability to combine traditional and culturally-sensitive knowledge and “Western-style” academic and structured methods of presenting information in written products…Professional integrity.”

Ms. Jelena Sesar Field Director, ASI-E/DAI/ OTI

Project: Property Rights of Women Client: Harakat-Afghanistan Investment Climate Facility Organization (AICFO) January-March 2011

“…professional Afghan consulting firm with smart ideas and smart people. Secondly, comprehensive understanding of economic, political and social dynamics rooted and unfolding in Afghanistan.”

Mr. Suleman Fatimie CEO, Harakat-Afghanistan Investment Climate Facility Organization (AICFO)

Project: Conducting Security Seminar with Ministry of Interior senior officials, Legislators and Policy Research Community Engagement Client: Law and Order Trust Fund for Afghanistan, Ministry of Interior

“In my dealings with QARA I found them to be a professional, responsive organisation. They have a comprehensive understanding of the Afghanistan political and cultural context and were able to effectively facilitate engagement between political, ministry, community and civil society leaders in support of project objectives… QARA provide an important blend of in country knowledge complemented by international experience.”

Mr. Stephen Moore
Manager, Community Policing Law and Order Trust Fund for Afghanistan (LOTFA), UNDP