Established in 2010, QARA Consulting, LLC. launched with enabling a remote district government in Eastern Afghanistan to better understand the needs of the populace, improve service delivery and public outreach. Issuance of the National Identity Card (Tazikira) in the district, a widely sought public service, suffered from bribery and extortion—arresting the positive potential of government and public interface the facility offered. Our consultants designed practical solutions for solving the district government’s problems, and created channels of publicly marking visible change in how business was conducted. We started by seeking understanding, intervened with dedicating quality resources and left with lasting impact. From that humble but energizing beginning as a team of four professionals, QARA has since grown into Afghanistan’s widely recognized market brand for integrity, access, quality and value-for-money of services.

“QARA Consulting, Inc. provided high quality service on the public outreach…QARA’s engagement included a thorough and insightful analysis of the existing situation and mechanism of communication and outreach…and subsequent capacity development specifically tailored to address the identified gaps in a context-appropriate manner. The capacity gap assessment and the training was accompanied by…a sound analysis reveling institutional deficiencies to be addressed. Overall ASI-East experience with QARA was highly positive and the cooperation associated with high quality products, excellent writing and sound analysis. Exceptionally high quality of writing and analysis.. thoughtful and innovative, yet realistic approach to soft activities (e.g. capacity building, training, outreach)… Unique ability to combine traditional and culturally-sensitive knowledge and ‘’Western-style’’ academic and structured methods of presenting information in written products… professional integrity.’’

Ms. Jelens Sesar Field Director, ASI-E/DAI/OTI, October 2010